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CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Coating.

Protecting from More Than Corrosion

The perfect solutions to protect vehicles and warfighters. Sherwin-Williams Chemical Agent Resitant Coatings (CARC) Liquid and Powder solutions go through extensive testing to ensure performance, quality, durability and reliability…

NIR Infrared Camouflage.

Protecting the Troops and Their Equipment’s

Coating color is important, because the military needs specific tones to blend into the landscape. Desert camouflage, for example, differs from jungle camouflage. Infrared Camouflage colors plays an important role on survival of the Soldiers…

Flame Retardant.

Protecting the Equipment’s from Molotov Cocktail Attack

Molotov cocktails are mainly used by Terrorists groups in order to attack the military vehicles. Thanks to the flame-retardant coating technologies which makes it possible to stop flame spread on military vehicles.

Sherwin Williams CARC and Military coatings systems are qualified to DIN 4102 Class B1. (Flame Retardant). 

Turkish Stars are painted with Randolph

Turkish Stars are painted with Randolph MIL-PRF-23377 Type I primer and  MIL-PRF-85285 [...]

We were at IDEF 2019 Istanbul, Turkey 30 April-03 May 2019

1043 Participants, more than 20 Countries Sherwin-Williams Military Coatings were introduced to [...]